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Durban Conferences:

Final Report of the Pan African Addis Ababa Roundtable on Durban Plus 5, 18-20 April07

Second meeting of Consultation with theAfrican Diaspora in Europe Reps.

Summary of the Joint Statement AAD NGO's at the First Session Durban I


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African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference

African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference: Media and Image Building

AU 6th Region Workgroup


Pan-AFSTRAG, is a PAN-African organization managed by a Board of Directors, which the composition reflects regional, linguistic, gender, and Afro-Descendant representation. The President presides over the Board and directs the implementation of the Board’s policies. PAN-AFSTRAG-USA is a member of PANAFSTRAG.

PANAFSTRAG recognizes regional and national chapters, which are run in line with the constitution of the organization. The International Secretariat of Pan-AFSTRAG is located in Lagos, Nigeria and has members in West, East, Southern, Central Africa and the Diaspora. Each country is encouraged to constitute a national chapter with membership open to all African and descendants. A national chapter becomes the national wing of global PANAFSTRAG for working on national, regional, continental, and Diaspora issues.  It brings opinion makers, leaders and policy makers in discreet manner to look at issues, primarily under the umbrella of national PANAFSTRAG and when necessary collaborate on regional continental and diaspora issues. This structure enables PANAFSTRAG to build and sustain national, regional and continental and diaspora platforms for studies and action-oriented research, advocacy, provide action-oriented policies and appropriate recommendations to governments, parliaments, civil societies regional organizations (e.g. ECOWAS), the continental organizations (i.e. AU) and to global  Governance institutions on African and its diasporas issues.


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