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Durban Conferences:

Final Report of the Pan African Addis Ababa Roundtable on Durban Plus 5, 18-20 April07

Second meeting of Consultation with theAfrican Diaspora in Europe Reps.

Summary of the Joint Statement AAD NGO's at the First Session Durban I


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African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference

African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference: Media and Image Building

AU 6th Region Workgroup


PANAFSTRAG has executed projects and programs in the West, East and Central Africa.

West Africa
Institute of Peace and Sustainable Development Studies- Minna, Nigeria
The Center is a program that trains African practitioners with the intellectual and practical skills for conflict management, analysis to prevent and manage conflicts and peacebuilding in Africa through new and responsive mechanisms. It will also be the Regional Training Centre for Disaster Management.

2003 Accra Peace Accord – Liberia
General A. Abubakar (President of AFSTRAG Intl. and former Head of State of Nigeria) and Rtd. Maj-Gen. Ishola Williams (Executive Secretary of AFSTRAG Intl.) were the mediators that brought about a peaceful resolution to Liberia’s 14-year civil war and an elected interim government.

Harmonization of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Mutual Assistance on Defense (MAD) and the Accord of Non-Aggressive Defense (ANAD) through establishment of a Joint Conflict Mechanism, a West African States cooperation on issues of regional security, which AFSTRAG participated in.

Publishing five books: "Nigeria in International Peacekeeping",
"Peace Keeping as a Security Strategy in Africa: The Case of Chad and Liberia", "Civil Society and Ethnic Conflict Management in Nigeria", "Civil Wars, Child Soldiers & Post Conflict Peace Building in West Africa" and Civil Societies, Good Governance and the Challenges of Regional Security in West Africa".

Development of Database of institutions, literature and individuals working in areas of peace and security in Africa.

Central Africa An adopted Plan of Action for Human Security Mechanism in Central Africa with focus on:
1.         Small Arms and Light Weapons
2.         Operational zing COPAX for Political Stability and Public Safety
3.         Centre for Electoral Assistance, all in collaboration with CSOs in the region, ECCAS, UN Human Right Office
            in Yaounde and UNREC in Lome.

East African Community and Great Lakes Consultative Forum on "Developing a Human Security Mechanism for East African Community (EAC) and the Great Lake held in collaboration with the Kenyan Coalition Against Landmines (KCAL). This led to the production of a comprehensive proposal on a Human Security Mechanism for action on the EAC and Great Lakes.

Addis Abeba EthiopiŽ Consultatieve Forum regarding the integration of the  civiel society in all five regions in Afrika.

Addis Abeba EthiopiŽ Consultatieve Forum regarding Durban Review (2007)

Divers Fora en projects in the Caribean,  South and Latin America and  Europe with th eobjective to inventorise and discuss th eway to reunitie and cooperatie woith the Dispaora family for th eimplementation of Pan Afstrags Goal.

In Europe lay down the basis for the start of th eimplementtaion of the AU 6th Region initiative and deliver active input for the Durban Review regarding  Africans and Peoples of African Descents.


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