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Durban Conferences:

Final Report of the Pan African Addis Ababa Roundtable on Durban Plus 5, 18-20 April07

Second meeting of Consultation with theAfrican Diaspora in Europe Reps.

Summary of the Joint Statement AAD NGO's at the First Session Durban I


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African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference

African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference: Media and Image Building

AU 6th Region Workgroup



1. To provide an in-depth study and analysis of the problems of political and social stability, security, public safety
    and human development in Africa and its Diaspora and propose policy options for their solutions.

2. To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise and experiences through
    seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtables and study groups of Africans and Afro-Descendant scholars,
    military experts, policy makers and implementers.

3. To identify, collect and disseminate information, for raising the awareness of Africans and Afro-Descendants
    about their political, social, and economic issues of interest to the African and Afro-Descendants communities
    and worldwide.

4. To facilitate research and provide regular assessment of the security climate for development activities in
    African and Afro-Descendants communities.

5. To publish books, monographs, papers, newsletters and other publications that will support the aims and
    objectives of Pan-AFSTRAG and inform policy makers and enlighten the public.

6. To bridge the gap between Africans and Afro-Descendants for sharing the best practices in community security,
    social issues and economic development with respect to small and medium scale enterprises (SMES).

7. To provide research facilities for visiting scholars and practitioners, especially from different Afro-Descendant
    communities of the world, in order to enhance the mutual understanding of global strategic issues.

8. To undertake collectively through its chapters with partners, the United Nations, the African Union, international
    and regional organizations, foreign governments, industries and specialized agencies with interests in Africa
    and the Diaspora.

9. To promote through research studies and advocacy, policies for conflict prevention and innovation in
    institutional reform of political and economic governance at all level for the benefits of Africans and Afro-


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