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Final Report of the Pan African Addis Ababa Roundtable on Durban Plus 5, 18-20 April07

Second meeting of Consultation with theAfrican Diaspora in Europe Reps.

Summary of the Joint Statement AAD NGO's at the First Session Durban I


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African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference

African Diaspora in Europe Regional Consultative Conference: Media and Image Building

AU 6th Region Workgroup

Original thinking, research contribute to human knowledge
We need to turn knowledge into the service of all global African-adapted
from Dr. James Kwegir Aggrey.


Established in 1992, the Pan African Strategic and Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG), formerly known as the African Strategic and Peace Research Group is an independent, non-governmental, action-oriented advocacy and consultancy research organization outfitted for analyzing strategic and human security problems in Africa and the Diaspora. Pan-AFSTRAG takes into consideration the political, economic, military, technological and socio-cultural conditions concerning Africans and its Descendants worldwide.

PanAFSTRAG is the consequence of a challenge thrown by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter during his opening address at the African-Soviet-US Cooperation-Study in Regional Conflicts/Diplomatic Initiatives Conference, held October 29, 1991 at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos.  In that address, he wondered why active and former African leaders, academics, diplomats, military, international civil servants and public officers were not interested in creating non-governmental institutions:

       To carry out action-oriented research and studies on wider African human security problems.
       To implement and offer solutions to assisting governance in solving their own problems. 

President Carter urged Africans to take leadership in solving their own problems.  At the end of the conference, a group of West African diplomats, military and public officers and academics met in Lagos and Minna respectively to deliberate on this challenge. After a series of discussions and visits to USA and the then USSR by Mrs. Margaret Vogt, then Coordinator, an African Center for Conflict Resolution was to be created in Lagos initially in the same location but independent of the NIIA. This did not materialize because of the breakup of the Soviet Union. In its place, the same group including those from outside Nigeria created AFSTRAG. 


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